The team at Teehan+Lax built this giant canvas installation to visualize the global community of Google developers. I filmed the process, helped to edit and did post production.
A video I animated and helped illustrate to explain M2M technology.
A video I shot, edited, and did post production on. It illustrates the unique abilities of Sony's waterproof phone.
We wanted to clearly illustrate the complex Shipwire platform in a simple and fun video.
A demo video I made for Readability, a free service that turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. »
I put together this reel to showcase the work done by the talented people at Teehan+Lax.
A demo video I made for TweetMag, an iPad app that uses your Twitter account to create simple magazines.
From the moment I got my first PC 20 odd years ago, I’ve been hooked on creating, playing, and experimenting with digital media. While the tools may have evolved since then, my obsession with digital experiences remain the same. Born and raised in Montreal, I moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in New Media at Ryerson.  For the past 8 years I’ve been working in the interactive industry with a focus on motion design. When I’m not pushing key frames around, I keep busy with photography, videography, cycling, traveling and other nerd related activities.
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